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Tracking who fills out your form, registers or checkouts via UTM

Are you running a campaign and you want to know who came from which campaign? It is SUPER simple with the utm_source property. 

What is the idea?

When creating your URLs in your google/facebook ads for example, add at the end 


Indicating in this example that it is our first ad in facebook (of course you can add better names).

Now how to track that when someone registers or fills a form/checkout?

Go to your Contacts section (the CRM) -> Properties and create a property called utm_source we will define it as a property so we can see it for every user that comes (create it as a TEXT input)

Now all we have to do is add this property to our forms. Go in the form fields or the additional fields if it is a checkout or registration and add a Hidden Field with name being utm_source.

Then go in the settings of your field and map that field from the dropdown to the utm_source that we just created in the Contacts as a property.

That’s all! Now when someone submits your forms and has the utm_source as a URL from which they came from, the value of the source will be recorded for the user and you will know where they came from.